PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Cheat - PUBG Cheats (AIMBOT, ESP, Radar, FlyingCars)

  • PUBG Cheats is a very unique PUBG Cheat with sophisticated features. The PUBG Aimbot is an accurate legit styled aimbot that replicates human like aiming. The security features are top notch to keep your account safe and to keep the cheat undetected. The price is considerate and affordable to help you cheat as long as you want and when you want. This PUBG CHEAT has MANY CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES THAT INCLUDE AND NOT LIMITED TO:



  • The PUBG AIMBOT drags slowly over to your opponents so anti-cheat detections are reduced greatly. With the aimbot you can customize the smoothness, the bone area (head, torso, neck, etc.) along with the FOV to limit who you target. Long range sniping all the way to point blank range rifle shooting, the aimbot will not disappoint you in any combat situation.


  • is customizable, so you can select ESP BOX, ESP SKELETON, and more. With the PUBG PLAYER ESP feature it will allow you to see players through walls, behind trees and rocks, so you will have the advantage knowing where all of your enemies are around you. Never have an enemy flank or get ambushed you again and be able to help your team mates by telling them where enemies are to help keep them alive.


  • Shows you all of the items around you. ITEM PUBG ESP Icons let you see icons of the weapons, meds, attachments, scopes, armor, and more around you. Never run out of ammo or first aids again! Never run around in the game without the scope you wanted ever again. PUBG ITEM ESP also includes air drop package esp so you can be the first to find all of the airdrops and the contents of the package. You will always be the first one to find a weapon, armor, and ammo to ensure the best advantage in early fights and throughout the match. PLAYER ITEM ESP will also show you dead player boxes so you know where deathboxes are located as well as what is inside of them.



  • Allows you to have a set of eyes behind your head. A box is placed in the corner of your game screen with red dots that indicate players in your radius. Never get shot in the back by an opponent again.
  • For some professional player you can just watch small radar to predict movement from enemy getting close range and rip them off with our profi Radar.



  • Allows you to take new heights in any vehicle. You and some friends can go out on a drive in the sky while your team shoots from any vehicle while you are FLYING CARS around the map.
  • You can fly over map trollling people and have fun time with WADU...WADU. Also Shround get Rekt video clip click here




  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online massive multiplayer battle royale game that throws you into a large map with 100 players with one objective: To be the LAST ONE STANDING. PUBG Hacks has been around for over three years and has gained MASSIVE POPULARITY AND A HUGE FAN BASE because of its addictive game play, graphics, gun play, shooting and looting fast pace action, along with the addition of big updates like new maps, weapons, vehicles, mechanics, and custom game play modes to keep players entertained and improving their skill to keep up with their competition. Five maps to survive on. Over a dozen weapons with multiple attachments to cater to your unique shooting preferences, scopes of different ranges both short range like a red dot or 2x all the way to 15x magnification, ammo types such as 5.56 and 7.62, and even different armor classifications to keep you on the battle grounds longer. Finding medicine is another key to survival. Medkits heal you to full health but are rare to find, yet first aid kits are found in abundance but only heal you most of the way! Don't forget your pain killers to alleviate pain symptoms! Boosts regenerate your health over time. To minimize the amount of scared players deciding to hide out while other people are battling, the blue zone slowly moves in phases to push players closer together. You think enemy players are the only threat to your survival on the battle grounds? Think again! The blue zone at later phases is less forgiving due to its damage multiplier, so stay in the safe areas and be conquer! Hundreds of thousands of current players in multiple regions on concurrently so finding a match happens fast. Playing alone in solos can be fun, but the real fun is sharing your experiences with others in duos and especially four man squads. The last squad or squad mate to survive wins the chicken dinner! To learn more about the world of PUBG aswell as our cheats to keep you ahead of your competition be sure to contact us at SecureCheats and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns. Be sure to join our discord to be a part of a great community who love to game just as much as loving to cheat.


  • Q: What makes SecureCheats PUBG Hacks different than other providers?
  • A: As we can't say enough, SecureCheats strives to create AND update our products at a constant pace using Artifical Intelligence to not only keep you safe and secure, but to have fun with our user friendly approach. Our products PUBG Cheats are made with security and top quality features in mind so you can game while cheating with a peace of mind. Our pricing is competitive and our client support team is always ready to assist you faster than others.


  • Q: How many games does SecureCheats PUBG Cheats Support?
  • A: We at SecureCheats support a wide variety of games and constantly sell new products for each game. Check out our list on the store page and see what we have to offer.


  • Q: How can I be sure SecureCheats PUBG Cheats is safe to use?
  • A: We at SecureCheats PUBG Cheats have been in business for a while, have sold alot of products, and have alot of customer reviews. Our products speak for themselves and our support staff are always on to assist our clients with anything they may need to keep things smooth and easy for them.


  • Q: Are there refunds?
  • A: Our products at SecureCheats PUBG Cheats require keys to operate the software for a certain period of time. Due to the nature of how our products work, once a key has been purchased a refund cannot be issued because each key is limited to a one time use.


  • Q: What versions of windows is supported?
  • A: We at SecureCheats PUBG Hacks sell a wide variety of cheats produced by multiple developers. Most cheats are supported up to windows 10 version 1903 and some are supported up to windows 1909. Please check the specific cheat's information to see if your system is compatible.


  • Q: What payment methods are supported?
  • A: We at SecureCheats PUBG Hacks accept multiple payment methods which include and are not limited to; Paypal & BTC. Our team constantly updates our website and every so often add new payment methods.


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: With PUBG Cheats we promise you will have a great experience with our PUBG AIMBOT, PUBG PLAYER ESP, PUBG Hacks ITEM ESP, AND FLYING CAR CHEAT. Your security is our #1 priority and we work around the clock to combat the anti-cheat measures and update PUBG Cheats with better features, using Artificial Intelligence to cater to your PUBG CHEAT needs.