• Escape From Tarkov is something that should have released and been popularized decades ago. A hardcore action survival shoot and loot multiplayer game that combines PVP & PVE style combat. What makes Escape From Tarkov so hard is not only its realistic military-style gunplay, but the realistic aspects of survival. Staying hydrated and full will help reduce hypertension and blacking out. Fractured body parts can be patched up by splints, bleeding can be stopped by using bandages, head injuries can be mitigated through the use of pain killers, and other various life-threatening ailments can be cured with the medicinal products found by scavaging throughout the world of Tarkov in its various maps. Hearing in Tarkov is one of the most important skills you can have to ensure survival. Players moving around the terrain change the way players footsteps sound, from rocks, to wooden and metal floors, to crawling on the ground, opening up doors, and more. Hearing and being aware of your surroundings is key and is equally if not more important than vision. Whenever you get hurt it impairs your vision just like in real life. Blood vessels dilate and you feel light-headed which causes dizziness. Having that much pressure on your character may affect your decision making because you are simply trying to live. Escape From Tarkov isn't all about shooting but ensuring that you can salvage all of the necessary tools and materials to ensure a safe extraction. Armor plays a role just as much as the type of ammunition that is used in your weapon as well as what is used against you in your opponents' weapon.


  • There are six levels of armor and some bullets will deflect right off of the lower armor types. Unlike other games, there are various types of ammunition, attachments, and a customizable hideout that is basically a mini-game within Escape From Tarkov that you can use to make your character better and unlock more features. Unlocking the shooting range allows you to use weapons you collected along with the various attachments that are customizable to keep you sharp with your marksmanship. The bitcoin miner allows you to make bitcoin currency while you are in the world of Tarkov. Collect those graphics cards and make your bitcoin miner more advanced. Speaking of upgrading, things you do in raids carry over to your character in the form of experience. Level up your endurance, strength, vitality, health, stress resistance, metabolism, immunity, perception, intellect, attention, and more. The higher you level those attributes, the better you will be in Escape From Tarkov. The flea market is the place to buy and sell goods to other players at various prices using various currencies. You will spend just as much time, if not more, in the flea market, than you will actually doing raids. Inventory management is a game on its own, having to organize your goods "tetriz" style and making sure you have enough room to drop off the stash you got during each raid.


  • The game gets extremely frequent updates with added weapons, maps, mechanics, and all sorts of new and updated features to keep players engaged and evolving in Escape From Tarkov. With all updates, anti-cheats also evolve with us to keep us spending countless hours maintaining our ability to use cheats. Cheating in Tarkov has been a rollercoaster ride the past couple years, with many cheat providers coming and going.


  • We at SecureCheats provide a user-friendly, safe, and fun experience with our Escape From Tarkov Cheats on all products including other cheats for other games. Many providers get detected by having features that are risky and unsafe. We at SecureCheats provide only the safest and effective features such as the following EFT cheat features:



Escape From Tarkov Cheats Aimbot

  • - With any weapon held, our Artificial Intelligence Aimbot will snap to a target and shoot them with no recoil added to your weapon so you can take them down fast and accurately. Never miss shots again and always stay ahead so you can safely extract out of Tarkov with all of the loot you scavenged. Our Aimbot is state of the art and will never let you down.


Escape From Tarkov Cheats Player ESP

  • With SCAV & PMC support, you will be able to see anyone and everyone around you, whether its a scav bot, scav human, or PMC. Our Escape From Tarkov hacks Player ESP will tell you who is who, the distance from you and them, how much health they have, the name of the player, and more information to keep you ahead of your opponents. Color-coded boxes and skeletons allow you to see if you are up against scavs or PMC's. No matter which way you are facing and no matter where you go you will know where everybody is at all times and how much health they have. Dead players will also show up so you know where bodies to loot are. Never be in a bad position since you will know how to maneuver around Tarkov thanks to our EFT cheats.


Escape From Tarkov Cheats Item ESP

  • - Need help locating rare items like key cards, graphics cards, LedX's, to medicine, weapons, attachments, and more? We at SecureCheats provide an Escape From Tarkov hacks item ESP so you will know where all items on the map are so you can grab what you want before your opponents have the chance to salvage anything. Never miss rare items, meds, food, clothes, or guns again during your raids. The best EFT hacks Item ESP in the world.
  • In Conclusion: Our Escape From Tarkov Cheats brought to you by SecureCheats is everything you will ever want and need in a cheat. Our sophisticated Artificial Intelligence built into your Escape From Tarkov cheat along with the great Escape From Tarkov Cheat AIMBOT, Escape From Tarkov Cheat PLAYER ESP, Escape From Tarkov Cheat ITEM ESP, and other Escape From Tarkov hacks (EFT hacks) features will provide you user-friendly, fun, and safe results.





  • Q: Why Choose Secure Cheats as an Escape From Tarkov cheat provider?A: As said above, We at Secure Cheats provide a cheat that is user-friendly, safe, and full of features that will help you stay ahead of the game. We use Artificial Intelligence in all of our Escape From Tarkov hacks that expand, adapt, and evolve over time to keep our users engaged in a fun and quality experience. Try us out today!


  • Q: What Makes Secure Cheats Escape From Tarkov cheat better than the rest?
    A: We don't use unnecessary high-risk features that get detected fast and get you banned. Escape From Tarkov HWID bans so we want to eliminate the high risk of it getting detected and you getting banned. Feel secure with our Escape From Tarkov hacks.


  • Q: If I DO need help, how often is customer support online?
    A: We at SecureCheats are always online, researching, developing, and providing support to all of our users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are always multiple agents online to help assist you with whatever you may need regarding your Escape From Tarkov hacks.


  • Q: How Do We Load SecureCheats Program?
    A: Upon payment, you will be given an email with all the necessary information for your Escape From Tarkov hacks. You must disable your firewall, windows defender, and all other third-party antivirus software. You enter your serial code with the cheat, press enter, wait for it to tell you to open the game, then after launch, you press the hotkey to load the cheat menu.


  • Q: What happens if SecureCheats gets detected?
    A: We at SecureCheats do our best to ensure we don't get detected, however, once detected, we notify all of our users and shut off our servers as well as cease all incoming payments to keep everybody as safe as possible with our Escape From Tarkov hacks. We freeze all keys and add compensation to our users and once we update we resume operation.


  • Q: I tried other EFT hacks and EFT cheats and they all have different features, can you make custom EFT Hacks and EFT Cheats for me?
    A: We take all of our users feedback into consideration when maintaining and updating our EFT hacks and eft cheats, that being said, if we feel as if a certain feature would fit our expectations we will add it in to our EFT hacks and EFT cheats.


  • Q: Some EFT hacks and EFT cheats got me banned, how safe is SecureCheats EFT hack?
    A: Our EFT cheats are very safe and we always check for detections, anti-cheat updates, and other variables to keep up with being undetected. SecureCheats EFT cheats have the lowest ban risk out of all the EFT hacks on the market. Try us and see!