PUBG Mobile fans you have something to be excited about. There is a brand new event in the mobile game and there’s a lot you can win from it. The King Fighter event is a mini game that lets players acquire the trendy Black Cat outfit for 10 days as the biggest prize.

Gamers also stand a chance to win other exciting rewards while battling on the way to winning the outfit. Do we have your attention? Good! Read on to know how to play the King Fighter event and most importantly, how to win it.

Understanding the ‘King Fighter’ event

King Fighter is a limited-time, 10-day event starting from the February 18 2020 to February 27. This event is designed as a mini game, where the objective is to defeat the enemy by performing certain missions. These missions will keep changing daily for the next 10 days. After a player completes all missions for the day, the missions will be reset at 00:00 local time.

There are two simple steps to winning this event:

Step One

The very first thing for a player to focus on is to complete the daily missions. These include tasks like: Log In, Complete 1 match in any mode, Finish in the top 8 one time in Classic mode, and Survive for a total of 40 minutes in Classic mode.

On completion of each task, you are rewarded with energy and coins. The players must click on collect once they have completed each mission and then proceed to the next step.

Step Two

The energy that you would have collected from completing the missions can now be utilised to perform three different attacks on the fighter. Note that the player will expend three different amounts of energy on each attack and the effectiveness of the attacks also grows exponentially with respect to the energy spent.

An attack with 20 energy will reduce 100 points from the fighter, 25 energy will reduce 400 points, and 30 energy will reduce 800 points.


What can you win?

To defeat the fighter completely a player needs to reduce a total of 10,000 points from the fighter. However, there are three milestones on the way to 0 that will have players winning some more rewards.

Reduce fighter HP to -

•9,600 points - players win 10 silver, which can be used to purchase items in the shop

•6,600 points - players win a paint spray can

•3,600 points - players win a Classic Crate Scrap Coupon

•0 points - players win Black Cat suit for 10 days

Each day players can collect energy points between 10 and 75. The rewards won will be directly sent to the players’ inventory.

The Black Cat suit is a limited-time reward, which can be used for only 10 days. The missions change on a daily basis, to keep the action fresh. This event makes winning chicken dinners more worthwhile, so get fighting.